The New York Love Songs

A raw and intimately rendered music documentary, 10+ years in the making.

A number of interconnected musicians who studied jazz in 2007 come of age and learn throughout a decade that life is one big improvisation.

What happens in the years after jazz school?

What does it take to be a musician?

What does the new millennium have in store?

With these questions in mind, filmmaker Darah Golub set out shooting The New York Love Songs (TNYLS) in 2007 when she was a first-year vocal student at The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music in New York City. Since then she has documented all the people, places, and things happening in music from her view as a musician and member of the band Parlour Tricks.

Ultimately, The New York Love Songs will be the collection of 13 years, dozens of musicians and hundreds of hours of footage, pieced together to form a lyrical mosaic of how the small world of music – branching widely out from jazz school in NYC – looks, feels, and sounds during a decade of monumental change.